How Integrated Marketing Works

What Integrated Marketing Means

Integrating all the  marketing  for your business means coordinating and linking all of your online marketing strategies into one cohesive unit

To illustrate this point it is best to describe the ideal system and you can see from there how it will all fit together …….. Watch the video then read the description afterwards

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At the centre as a hub you would have your website which would have been built using a WordPress Theme (This website is build using WordPress)

  1. Just about every website marketing professional I know uses WordPress almost exclusively because it is easily tracked by the Search Engine spiders. The actual coding and the way it is constructed simplifies the whole process
  2. Any SEO you do can be done more effectively from a WordPress website
  3. There are literally thousands of Plug ins to improve the functionality  and performance of your website.
  4. The website can be as big or as small as you like and it is a good idea to regularly add articles and you can categorise them so that they are easily found

Coupled with proper search engine optimisation, a WordPress site can significantly improve your visitors’ user experiences.

Other Marketing Strategies

Local Directories

It is a good idea for Your Local Businesses  to first of all claim your Google places page and optimise it with full contact details including website address , full description of your business and include photos and even video if it is available.

Then add the same or similar details to at least 10 other Local Directories


These sites are also excellent places for your customers to add reviews of your business that state how well you delivered your product or service.

Article Directories

Articles can be written and placed on article directories with links back to your website (the hub of all your internet activities). This will give you expert author status

Social Sites

You should also start accounts with the following

  • Google Business Profile
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

These will also have links to your website and encourage interaction with your customers and give Google  Social Proof  that your business is well thought of in your area.

In Google’s eyes Social Proof is now assuming greater importance than SEO in ranking and displaying your business on the web.

Bookmarking and Social News

Then you should make sure that your business is Bookmarked and mentioned in Social News.

Customers are now searching the internet before choosing which business to support.

They will mostly be looking for what services you provide and more importantly how your previous customers have rated your performance

When these Marketing Strategies are integrated and coordinated  into one Marketing System you will have the best of both SEO and Social Proof.

You will then have a far greater chance of outranking your competitors on the internet and hence having more customers choose you.

This is the most effective way to market on the internet for most local industries. If you already have a website that has not been built on WordPress then  many of the other strategies will still work.

You choose how much of the system you want to use for your business

For help in getting this system into action and attracting more customers

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Integrated Marketing Systems provides its services to local businesses in areas within Queensland, such as Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you have questions for us, you may call 0419418951, or visit our contact us page.

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