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Integrated Marketing Systems is an online marketing consultancy based in Ormeau, Queensland. As an SEO company that serves the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, we provide web-based marketing solutions, responsive website design, and reputation marketing to local businesses. We provide capable and experienced services while maintaining proper communication with our clients.

Thanks to the Internet, the ways people conduct business have changed dramatically. Customers can now use the Web to shop for just about anything. If your business does not have any presence on the Internet, you will be at a disadvantage against your Web-active competitors. You not only need a presence on the Web, but maintain an active one as well; customers tend to stay away from websites or other similar web properties that are stale and/or do not provide anything new.

Our company is uniquely positioned to help your humble business take its first few steps into the realm of internet marketing. We welcome you to contact us if you find it difficult to grasp the concepts of web marketing. Integrated Marketing Systems will be your invaluable ally in promoting your business on the Web, helping you create fresh content for your customers to access while providing you advice on how to best handle your online campaigns.

Jeff Sommers, Owner

Jeff Sommers is the owner and operator of Integrated Marketing Systems. He has a wealthJeff Sommers of professional experience, having spent more than 40 years as an owner/manager of multiple pharmacies. Now, he uses his industry know-how and expertise in marketing to help other local businesses appeal to consumers online, whether through SEO or website design. Always one for innovation, Jeff continues to explore the Internet for more opportunities as it continually expands and changes.

Why Choose Integrated Marketing Systems?

Compared to other marketing companies, Integrated Marketing Systems works with a careful plan in mind. We meticulously design a marketing integration plan over a single year to ensure that we have a clear direction towards our goals. We do not do things at the spur of the moment, and we want to assure you, the client, that we can hit our goals and reliably improve your customers’ interest in your business.

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Integrated Marketing Systems offers competent web design and SEO services to businesses based in Queensland, particularly the areas of Brisbane and Gold Coast. Should you have any questions for us, you may visit our contact us call us at  0419418951.

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