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SEO Tips for Brisbane Start-ups: 3 Qualities of a Practical Website

Many Australians nowadays rely on the Internet when searching for information about products and services. To effectively sell your brick-and-mortar business, its visual counterpart online—the website—should be just as accommodating. Continue reading SEO Tips for Brisbane Start-ups: 3 Qualities of a Practical Website


Reputation Marketing Services

Our Services can be tailored to your individual needs. They Include

Reputation Marketing:

This is aimed at increasing your reputation on the internet where we will

  • help to repair your reputation if any negative comments have been left by a disgruntled customer
  • ensure you have listings on 20 or more local directories plus Google My Business
  • ensure that the best keywords and categories are used for your type of business
  • optimize these listing with the maximum features allowed by each directory. eg. Google My Business allows 10 photos an 5 videos
  • Spread 5 comments per month on various directories. (These must be genuine and collected by you from satisfied customers)

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SEO Is Losing Value

SEO Is Reducing in Importance


This is the latest information available

Google is constantly re-organising the way they display information to consumers who are looking for a solution to their problem.

Search Engine Optimisation has changed focusA few years ago you could just get a website, any website, and it would rank on Google

Some time later you were told that you need SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) before you can expect to have your website

SEO you would have been told is a way to obtain backlinks to your website from other websites. This is done simply by you or your SEO expert adding a backlink on a page on another site. This process can be spammed and does not represent how your website is regarded by the general consumer. Continue reading SEO Is Losing Value

Responsive Websites

Why You Would Want a Responsive Website


First of all what is a Responsive Website?

A Responsive Website is one which has a built in code that detects the type of device that is trying to connect to it. So it doesn’t matter if you are connecting from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer the size of the page shown will adapt to the screen size of the device. Continue reading Responsive Websites

How Important Are Social Signals to Your Business’s SEO Strategy?

Any search engine professional (who is, indeed, a professional) will incorporate social media to increase SEO rankings and drive in traffic.  If this tactic has been presented to you before, you may have questioned its relevance to your business for a couple of reasons—say, your target market isn’t on Facebook or the strategy is not bringing you substantial money at all. Social media, however, is an essential piece of a larger picture and the fact that those likes, shares, tweets, stars and rates are becoming increasingly valuable to ranking algorithms these days may inspire you to look at social media optimisation in a different light now. Continue reading How Important Are Social Signals to Your Business’s SEO Strategy?

Reputation Marketing Overview

Reputation Marketing involves a number of processes where we

  • Manage your reputation (i.e we find out what is being said about you on the internet)
  • Build your Reputation  (we have systems in place to help you collect and have published reviews and testimonials about your business)
  • Market your Reputation across the internet (syndicating it in text,image and video formats)
  • We create a culture within your business aimed not just at customer service but about acknowledgement of that service by asking for feedback

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Online Reviews are new Word of Mouth

Online Reviews are the new Word of Mouth

 For those of us who are a little older (i.e) before the internet will remember that Word Of Mouth was the best advertising there was.

 If you wanted to know who was the best motor mechanic, or the best plumber in the area you asked amongst your friends who they had dealt with and received good service.

 Many people believe that is still happening. Well it still might but to a far  lesser degree.

Young people are turning to the internet and “ Ask Google” is now replacing “Ask a Friend”.

I was at my daughters recently and she saw a product mentioned on TV that she thought would be nice for her new baby. She went straight to the internet to “Ask Google” and found some negative comments and immediately decided against purchasing. Continue reading Online Reviews are new Word of Mouth

Promote Your Reputation

Why You Should Actively Promote

Your Reputation Online


Just a few years ago if you wanted to find out about the reputation of a business or its owner you would “ask a friend”

If you wanted to find out about a product or service you would  “ask a friend”

Now with the internet being so readily accessible from desktop or laptop computers and also from iPads and mobile phones “ask a friend” is fading in use. Continue reading Promote Your Reputation