Goodwill..A Measure of Your Reputation

A Good Reputation Improves The Value of Your Business

Whenever a business is sold one of the main assets is the Goodwill of the business.

This figure can even be higher than the physical assets of the business.

Apple attributes 58% of its current market value to its solid reputation and many other fortune 500 companies feel the same

Goodwill is built up by providing excellent service and having a steadily increasing stream of customers or clients.

I have known entrepreneurs who have specialised in buying companies with poor reputation and hence very low goodwill and then turning them around by providing excellent service. Continue reading Goodwill..A Measure of Your Reputation

Your Online Reputation

Market Your Online Reputation

 Your personal reputation as well as the reputation of your business is the most valuable asset you haveA good online reputation attracts new customers

In fact every business from Fortune 500 companies down to the individual tradesman or handyman depends on their reputation for their ongoing business profitability Continue reading Your Online Reputation

Google Places Changes

Changes To Google Places

Google Places

Google introduced their Google Places in September 2009.

It was free to all local businesses. All any local business had to do was claim the listing. To date many still have not done this.

When claimed almost everyone was guaranteed page 1 listing on Google search.

Google did extract information from other sources on the internet and made up a Google Places Page for many local businesses but when Google got information in this way it was sometimes wrong and it was up to each business to claim their listing and correct it. Continue reading Google Places Changes

How Your Clients Find You

Where Your Potential

Customers/Clients Are Searching

…….The Internet


The Internet is always there. Just access it through your Personal Computer or Smart Phone
Now the majority of the population is connected to the internet for a variety of reasons.

The internet is not restricted to any age

  1.  school students often need the information it contains to complete assignments.
  2.  seniors are using the internet to communicate with family which today is often well scattered. Emails can be written, photographs exchanged
  3. business is engaging massively in online marketing

Continue reading How Your Clients Find You

Handling Clients Complaints

 How   you   handle   complaints   is   an important issue for your business

No matter how efficiently you run your business there will forever be times when you cannot please everybody.

Some business owners adopt the attitude that if the consumer is dis-satisfied they can go elsewhere. And with that attitude they usually do.

Don’t forget that the consumer is expressing their opinion of the service they have received. Continue reading Handling Clients Complaints