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Reputation Marketing Services

Our Services can be tailored to your individual needs. They Include

Reputation Marketing:

This is aimed at increasing your reputation on the internet where we will

  • help to repair your reputation if any negative comments have been left by a disgruntled customer
  • ensure you have listings on 20 or more local directories plus Google My Business
  • ensure that the best keywords and categories are used for your type of business
  • optimize these listing with the maximum features allowed by each directory. eg. Google My Business allows 10 photos an 5 videos
  • Spread 5 comments per month on various directories. (These must be genuine and collected by you from satisfied customers)

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Reputation Marketing Update

Reputation Marketing is evolving week by week. Those who are more successful are moving with these changes.

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Customer Or Client

Are You A Customer Or A Client?


In Your Business Do You Have Customers Or Clients?

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