Customer Or Client

Are You A Customer Or A Client?


In Your Business Do You Have Customers Or Clients?

Most people interchange the two but I found these definitions in the Merriam Webster online dictionary

Tradesmen Advising Client
Tradesmen advising client


Customer One who purchases a commodity or service

Client    One who is under the protection of another
When you think carefully about these two definitions there is a very distinct difference.

A Customer 

    • ⇒ Purchases a stand alone product or service
Retail advice
Retail advice
  • ⇒ Acts on his/her own information
  • ⇒ Usually seeks the best price available
  • ⇒ Will move to another supplier for a better price
  • ⇒ Has no loyalty

A Client

  • ⇒ Seeks a trusted advisor
  • ⇒ Is not after a product but a solution to a problem.
  • ⇒ Seeks advice about the best way to solve that problem
  • ⇒ Will act on that advice.
  • ⇒ Will be looking for Return On Investment not initial cost.
  • ⇒ Will pay more for good advice that goes with the service
  • ⇒ Will usually remain loyal
  • ⇒ Will return more often for additional services which will improve the benefits they gained from the first purchase
Advising senior client
Advising senior client

You need to listen carefully so you know and understand their problem
When you are in business it is best to become a trusted advisor.
It is far better to serve clients than sell to customers
You recommend the product that will give them greater benefits not the product that will give you the most profit.
Focus on the long term value of the client

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