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How Important Are Google Keywords?


Google keywords are extremely important for you to use in the articles that you write for your website because Google needs to know what information you are offering to anyone searching Google for information about products or services.

What are google keywords?

Google keywords are those words or phrases which people will type into the search bar to discover what is available on the internet that is of interest to them.

The secret to having a website that attracts lots of visitors is having in yourarticles, words and phrases that many people use when they are searching.

Google will scan your website for these words or phrases and then list in order those websites that will most likely satisfy the enquiry made.

Google wants to ensure a greater user experience for everyone using the internet.

Google Keyword Tool

This is the most popular tool for finding the best keywords to use when writing your articles. An important feature is that this tool is free to use.

You simply type in the keyword tool a phrase that you think best describes your product or service.

Google will the list a hundred or more phrases similar to that which you have typed and also the number of times that particular phrase has been used in searched in the past 30 days.

They will also give you the level of competition that you can expect.

You can then find a balance between number of searches and the competition that you will face from other websites in using that phrase.

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Finding the balance.

When looking at keywords it is best to sort them  from highest to lowest in Local Monthly Searches. It is not wise to use the global searches unless you are seeking clients internationally.

If you choose the phrases with the most monthly searches it means a lot of people are searching for that term but you will almost always find that there is a lot of competition for that term and you are unlikely to  be successful in ranking your website.

If you choose a phrase with lower searches and therefore lower competition you will easily rank but there will be so few people your financial success will be minimal

It is best therefore to find a balance between the number of searches and the competition to give yourself the greatest chance of success.In this way you stand a reasonable chance of ranking and at the same time have enough searches to make if profitable.

Refining the search for better local keywords

You can refine your search for the best keywords by using Google Insight.

This separate tool will refine your search even further by giving you the searches for each state in Australia.

Keyword research is definitely one internet marketing strategy you must get right if you are to be successful in your online marketing.

More tools

There are many more tools available which are not free.

At Integrated Marketing  Systems we have several of these to help refine the search and get the best keywords that will ensure success.

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