How Important Are Social Signals to Your Business’s SEO Strategy?

Any search engine professional (who is, indeed, a professional) will incorporate social media to increase SEO rankings and drive in traffic.  If this tactic has been presented to you before, you may have questioned its relevance to your business for a couple of reasons—say, your target market isn’t on Facebook or the strategy is not bringing you substantial money at all. Social media, however, is an essential piece of a larger picture and the fact that those likes, shares, tweets, stars and rates are becoming increasingly valuable to ranking algorithms these days may inspire you to look at social media optimisation in a different light now.

Search engines are attributing more weight to what people say about your business online and who they share it with. Now, why is that? Well, social media profiles serve as a website credibility metric, not just to humans but to search engine bots as well. It works on this logic: If you intend to provide audiences with quality content, then you are supposed to have social media accounts to use as channels for sharing. Whereas if you’re a spammer, you wouldn’t bother creating social media accounts and maintaining a social media network because you rely on your linking genius.

According to, search engines take social media votes as word-of-mouth referral, as well as an indicator of the webpage’s popularity. It works the same way as people’s perception of a full restaurant. How would you perceive a restaurant with fewer diners compared to another jam-packed and with a lengthy queue? Concisely, the more products and people linked to your brand, the more favourable that will be to your SEO strategy.

In the past, you can make search engine giants, like Google, happier with more links coming from other websites. The interpretation is the higher the reputation and relevance of that link, the better for your ranking. Since it has been proven that links can be cheated, though, Google launched a series of algorithm updates that gave frauds what they deserve. This doesn’t mean that Google’s done with links; it still likes links, but the types that act as social proofs this time, such as Google+1, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other popular local directories.

Search engines generally aim to provide maximum customer experience. Those votes and reviews from social media that your business on the Gold Coast or Brisbane gets will serve as the search engines’ measurement of your brand’s popularity and, thereby, relevance. If you find the need to strengthen your business’s social signal, consult with an SEO company, such as Integrated Marketing Systems.

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