How Your Clients Find You

Where Your Potential

Customers/Clients Are Searching

…….The Internet


The Internet is always there. Just access it through your Personal Computer or Smart Phone
Now the majority of the population is connected to the internet for a variety of reasons.

The internet is not restricted to any age

  1.  school students often need the information it contains to complete assignments.
  2.  seniors are using the internet to communicate with family which today is often well scattered. Emails can be written, photographs exchanged
  3. business is engaging massively in online marketing

Broadband is getting faster and is also cheaper for higher downloads and has virtually replaced dial-up as the internet connection of choice. Actually my overall spend is still much the same but I do get heaps more downloads for the same price

Keyword search in online marketingFor this reason people of all ages are going online to:

  1. Research services and products.
  2. Research other peoples experiences when using those products and services
  3. Find suppliers close to home if possible
  4. Research the reviews and recommendations about these suppliers

In fact 35% of all searches on the internet are for local businesses, products and /or services.

They will search for “keyword for your business Gold Coast” or any other areas in which you wish to operate

Whether they will find your business is totally dependant on the keywords you have chosen that will be written into the articles on your website.

Your keyword research that you do prior to setting up your website is vital in making sure your marketing is successful.

Research on the quality of products and services is another aspect in the change in consumer behaviour. This is more easily done online and can rarely be done successfully in newspapers and magazines and never on Yellow pages

People who search for local business are more likely to buy than those who do general searches. What I mean by that is that they will use the search term they are looking for, followed by the town or suburb where they live. This means that they will get it faster from a Local Business.

If you do not appear on the internet you are at a distinct disadvantage


Consumer Behaviour—The Methods They Use To Search

 I have read numerous articles on the subject and checked with friends and acquaintances on how they find businesses that will satisfy their need

This is the results:

They search the internet using keywords or search terms that will satisfy their problem or need.  Eg. They need a painter, They will search for “Best painter in Surfers Paradise”.

There will be several entries on the first page. Very rarely will anyone look past the first page.

They will choose the entries one at a time and look at the webpages.

This will give them an idea of how each painter rates his own performance. This will be seen as biased if that is all they can find.

They will then look for reviews. Reviews are where previous clients have recorded their experience with that painter. The review may be good or bad. It may be a just or an unjust review.

But it will be recognised as the clients opinion and will usually be accepted.


One star or Five star.

  1. Which would you select?
  2. What happens if they find no reviews at all?
  3. They will probably search for a supplier in a nearby  suburb  with good reviews.
  4. To get more customers and keep them, you need to advertise where they are looking and build yourself an online reputation

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