Reputation Marketing

Reputation is everything when it comes to promoting your business’ products or services. No matter how superior your products and services are in quality, a poor reputation will keep customers from patronising them. The Internet makes it even easier for customers to share information about a business and its reputation through blogs and reviews. With search engines, consumers can now easily look up everything there is to a company, and even view the opinions of previous customers.

Good reviews on the Internet can put your business on the map and draw even more customers. The opposite, however, is very much true as well; negative online criticisms of your business can dissuade would-be consumers from trying your brand. Users do not even have to read these critical pieces against your business to avoid you; the moment they find negative links to your enterprise during their search, they could immediately avoid your business.

Integrated Marketing Systems provides reputation marketing services to clients in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. We believe that businesses need to carefully manage their reputation online if they hope to appeal better to their customers. To help you maintain a credible reputation on the Web, we use a two-way approach to marketing your business.

Building a Reputation

The first part in our reputation marketing solution is to build your reputation. We do this by collating any 5-star (or highly rated) reviews your business has earned from its previous customers. While these online reviews are sure to be published in a form that anyone can access on the Internet, we can collate these entries and publish them in image or video format, syndicating the interactive content to various web properties for even more users to view.

Managing a Reputation

While the first reputation marketing approach dealt with building credibility, the second approach focuses more on managing and cultivating a good image. Should anything negative be said about you or your business, we can help you quickly respond to your customers. Let us help you engage directly with them so you can also address their issues swiftly. The helpful feedback you gain from these encounters can help you further improve on your products or services.

Sad to say sometimes negative comments have been placed by competitors.

If anything negative has been placed online you need to act immediately preferably with a strategy that is already in place

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