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Websites serve as the foundations of any online marketing campaign. Businesses can use their websites to generate leads and sales, by appealing to customers and their needs. With the huge and ever-growing ubiquity of the Internet, it would be unwise for any business to go without a website of their own, especially if every other company or organisation already has one.

Your business needs a website that delivers the ultimate user experience. A poorly built website could turn away your prospects and do your business more harm than good. To make the most out of your online presence, you can turn to Integrated Marketing Systems. Let us design for you a website that not only looks presentable, but has everything your customers need, and can work on most devices.

Responsive Website

Integrated Marketing Systems creates websites with responsive design elements in them. Responsive websites are sites that adopt a proportion-based grid layout, which allows them to automatically adjust to fit the screens of various devices, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. This fluid approach to designing means that your website will render properly, regardless of the kind of device your site visitors are using.

Why Go Responsive?

It is no secret that mobile device users are exponentially increasing every year, and with it, the upsurge of mobile-based Internet users. With more people using their smartphones and tablets to access the Web, you will want to capitalise on such a potential market, but not with a website that is not dynamically designed. Without responsive web design, your site could alienate mobile users, turning them away and costing you potential leads and sales.

Why Utilise WordPress?

Integrated Marketing Systems uses WordPress to build you a responsive website. Of the various content management platforms, WordPress is one of the most customisable, able to be configured to serve various functions. It is also incredibly easy to use, and allows webmasters to update content on the fly without altering much of what has been created. When you choose to work with us, we make sure that the web design we are offering you is something you can benefit the most from.

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