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Just a few years ago if you wanted to find out about the reputation of a business or its owner you would “ask a friend”

If you wanted to find out about a product or service you would  “ask a friend”

Now with the internet being so readily accessible from desktop or laptop computers and also from iPads and mobile phones “ask a friend” is fading in use.

In its place is “ask Google

Now the internet is so vast and contains so much relevant information on such a diverse range of subjects “Googling” is an everyday occurrence for many people.

You will “Google” to find out reviews of movies and also where and at what time it s being screened. You might even give your own thoughts on the movie on Facebook or via a Tweet.

For businesses however the place most commonly used to express your opinion is Google +

Google is putting a lot of effort into getting this up and running effectively and they will reward those who follow the process they are setting up.

If you have been watching over the last two years Google has been changing the rules on Search Engine Optimisation and a lot of strategies that worked in the past are no longer effective. SEO strategists have been working overtime devising strategy after strategy only to find that Google devalues these strategies as well.

Now Google is showing us what we can do and will reward us for doing so.

Google wants us to use Google+Pages to market our business. They have allocated space on the first page for every search for certain designated categories.

The majority of businesses are ignoring this virtual “guaranteed listing” and instead are still trying to use strategies that are too competitive to get the desired result.

Most of the Google +Pages listings are simply listings where Google has found imformation about a business elsewhere on the net eg Yellow Pages and hac=ve used that information to create a business listing. Most have not been claimed by the owner of that business. Some of the information is wrong.

Be among the first in your industry to claim your listing and optimise it.

Yes that’s right Optimise It

Most of the listings are basic.  The more information you insert into this listing the better Google will reward you with higher listings. I have seen the results of various studies that show most of the clicks go to the first 3 places. The figures vary from 62% to as high as 78%.

It is not too difficult to do this because you are usually competing against business owners who are not even trying

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