Reputation Marketing Overview

Reputation Marketing involves a number of processes where we

  • Manage your reputation (i.e we find out what is being said about you on the internet)
  • Build your Reputation  (we have systems in place to help you collect and have published reviews and testimonials about your business)
  • Market your Reputation across the internet (syndicating it in text,image and video formats)
  • We create a culture within your business aimed not just at customer service but about acknowledgement of that service by asking for feedback

To put it together it looks like this:

Reputation Marketing Overview

Five     5 star reviews star reviews are the basis

on which we build your reputation.

You need at least 6-10 of these to start to be trusted.

If you have 10 or more most of you will be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

Once you have these 5 star reviews and they are published online we can then have them made into an image  and syndicate them to Pinterest Photobucket Facebook etc.

We can also take the review and convert it into  Video format which includes

  • a professional spokesperson
  • studio quality graphics an animation
  • greenscreened to reflect an image if your business
  • syndicated to Youtube, Daily Motion, Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin etc

This syndication is the POWER behind this Strategy, Your Reputation is found over numerous places on the internet. Prospective clients can’t help but be impressed

Do You want to be  a Market Leader in your industry?

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