Reputation Marketing Update

Reputation Marketing is evolving week by week. Those who are more successful are moving with these changes.

Building a 5 Star reputation online should be the goal of every business person who is striving for market excellence.

Those that are not will be left behind.

Its as simple as that!

Over 80% of new clients (even those that have been referred by Word of Mouth) will search online before trusting the business owner.

If they find something negative they will not do business.

Since most will find nothing ..that is almost as bad

What if you found a system:-

  1. that made it easy to collect reviews
  2. made it easy for the reviewer to place it online
  3. that you could then  convert that text review into an image and a video and
  4. syndicate all three to social sharing sites across the internet
  5. thereby exposing your 5 star reviews to potentially thousands of prospects
  6. and creating multiple leads for your business

Do any of your competition have a system like that?

Well they might if you do not act fast!

Integrated Marketing Systems is  approaching local businesses to form a beta group to get this system working perfectly.

Those that are in the beta group and remain a client will have access to beta pricing.

Once the system has been fully rolled out the beta group will remain with the same pricing but newcomers will be paying the full price.

To ensure your place in the beta group

Contact Jeff NOW at

Integrated Marketing Systems 

    0419 418 951

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