Responsive Websites

Why You Would Want a Responsive Website


First of all what is a Responsive Website?

A Responsive Website is one which has a built in code that detects the type of device that is trying to connect to it. So it doesn’t matter if you are connecting from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer the size of the page shown will adapt to the screen size of the device.

If you have a regular website that is built with a regular non responsive theme then the size of the website page shown will not change and your prospective client needs to scroll across and back as well as up and down.

This leads to frustration for the prospective client and he/she will probably look elsewhere to a website thats more user friendly.


computerIn fact 67% of users say they are far more likely to purchase from a responsive website than a non responsive one

How many clients are you losing because you do not have a responsive website?

Smartphone use for connecting to the web is increasing.iPad

Already mobile device sales are ahead of desktop sales and mobile device access to the net passed desktop access in 2014 and the gap is expanding.

Google wants all internet users to have a positive user experience and anything that detracts from that will be penalised by Google and so the website will be harder to find if it is only designed for a desktop computer in mind.

From 21st April 2015 Google no longer displays a non responsive website in any search from a mobile phone….. So prospective clients searching on a mobile phone will never see your website

SmartphoneSince you will never know what sort of device your clients will use you should cater for them all.

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