SEO Is Losing Value

SEO Is Reducing in Importance


This is the latest information available

Google is constantly re-organising the way they display information to consumers who are looking for a solution to their problem.

Search Engine Optimisation has changed focusA few years ago you could just get a website, any website, and it would rank on Google

Some time later you were told that you need SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) before you can expect to have your website

SEO you would have been told is a way to obtain backlinks to your website from other websites. This is done simply by you or your SEO expert adding a backlink on a page on another site. This process can be spammed and does not represent how your website is regarded by the general consumer.

This whole process can easily be manipulated by anyone with enough dollars and /or time to get the backlinks.

Because of this fact  Google has devalued a lot of the links that previously got page one rankings on Google.

You still need backlinks but now it should be done in a different way


Search Engine Optimisation has changed focus.

There is now far more emphasis placed on what is referred to as On Page Optimisation.  This is where the focus is on the content of the page where good content is provided and keywords are scattered throughout the content


Social Proof Is Now Dominating For Off Page SEO


  1. Social proof is done through Social Media eg Facebook, Twitter and the new one Google +1.
  2. It is done through reviews on Local Directories
  3. This is consumers expressing their own opinion of your products and services.
  4. It is by far the most convincing way of judging consumer opinion.

The opinion of the consumer is what Google is now beginning to use to rank websites and will change forever the way SEO is done

Google’s  prime objective is to give consumers who search online the most pleasant experience and the most useful information that is available.

Website owners giving backlinks to one another will not be as important as it once was


The Opinion of the Consumer Counts Most


Google has succeeded  so well only because it provides better information and resources to the consumer.

How many of you have heard of

  1. Alta Vista
  2. Netscape
  3. Web Crawler…… Just to name a few

These are search engines which were big in their day .

 But Google has been doing it much better.

Yahoo and Bing are still around but are not as popular as Google

A good thing for all website owners  is that if you rank well on Google you will also do well on Yahoo and Bing.

If you want to dominate your industry in your area you must play by Google’s rules.

Google’s  rules and methods of judging the importance of information changes several times a month

What works well today may give only moderate results six or eight months from now.

To get the maximum return on your marketing investment  ensure you are using the most recent strategies being recognised by Google.

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