SEO Tips for Brisbane Start-ups: 3 Qualities of a Practical Website

Many Australians nowadays rely on the Internet when searching for information about products and services. To effectively sell your brick-and-mortar business, its visual counterpart online—the website—should be just as accommodating.

The ideal website design is SEO-based, meaning your website should be optimised to appear on top query results whenever a user keys in certain keywords in search engines, like Google. Graphical features just come second because they’ll amount to nothing if your website isn’t easily found.

For starters, here are three qualities a practical web design should have:

  1. Neat. User-friendly websites aren’t cluttered with links that lead to nowhere or links that come from unrelated sites. Nor are they filled with irrelevant, poor-quality videos and images that also slow loading time. Unnecessarily lengthy drop-down menus and pop-ups make the website appear crammed, and bad colour contrasts are real eye sores. Altogether, these make the website notably frustrating to navigate and can drive potential sales to the competitor next in line.
  1. Responsive. Generally, websites are built for desktop computers, which is good if your targets stay at home or in the office most of the time. What about those who are always on-the-go and who find their mobile gadgets handy for urgent information, say, “Are there Japanese restaurants nearby?” A responsive design allows your website to adjust according to the device used—meaning photos don’t blur and texts don’t turn illegible, whether browsed through a desktop or mobile device. Some online platforms provide responsive website templates. They’re great for start-up businesses that are yet to create their primary website, or as a supplement to existing but non-mobile responsive websites.
  1. Flexible. Search engines tend to favour websites which regularly post fresh, quality content. It would be very inconvenient and costly if you need to tweak your website’s complex coding system every time you do an update. A good platform to start with is WordPress because it allows you to add new blog posts, images, video files and documents in a breeze. Plus, you can also customise it to showcase your brand well. Most importantly, search engines love it because each item you upload can have its own keyword, description and title for a more precise optimisation.

Contrary to popular notion, a good website for start-ups doesn’t have to be flashy and expensive in order to drive in traffic and promote conversion. For a simple and economical, yet ultimately functional and SEO-friendly, web design, consider getting SEO services from local companies, such as Integrated Marketing Systems.

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