Reputation Marketing Services

Our Services can be tailored to your individual needs. They Include

Reputation Marketing:

This is aimed at increasing your reputation on the internet where we will

  • help to repair your reputation if any negative comments have been left by a disgruntled customer
  • ensure you have listings on 20 or more local directories plus Google My Business
  • ensure that the best keywords and categories are used for your type of business
  • optimize these listing with the maximum features allowed by each directory. eg. Google My Business allows 10 photos an 5 videos
  • Spread 5 comments per month on various directories. (These must be genuine and collected by you from satisfied customers)

To be effective this should be a continual process because Google will notice when activity stops and your listings will be affected.

To make collecting testimonials easier for you to collect, we will set up a special page on your website for your clients to leave comments

SEO Services

I know I said that Google has devalued a lot of links over that past year and many websites that have ranked well have almost disappeared from the first pages of Google.
This does not mean however that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not count at all.

You still need to do some SEO especially on some keywords.

Keywords can be divided into two types:

  • Those that do well through Google Maps
  • Those that require Search Engine Optimisation to get what is called organic listing

Search Engine Optimisation Services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Appearing fully optimised on as many Local Directories as possible
  • Setting up business pages on Social Media
  • Posting to Social Media sites
  • Backlinking to your sites

The initial setup take time but running the campaigns month to month is not as complicated.

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