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Market Your Online Reputation

 Your personal reputation as well as the reputation of your business is the most valuable asset you haveA good online reputation attracts new customers

In fact every business from Fortune 500 companies down to the individual tradesman or handyman depends on their reputation for their ongoing business profitability

Because of this you must endeavour to protect it as much as you can

  • Your good name has been built up slowly over the years and it can be taken away very quickly, even without justification
  • The openness of the internet makes it easy for anyone with a grudge against you to attempt to damage your good name and, to make it worse, it can be done anonymously
  • As you know any person dealing with the public must at some time come across customers or clients who in some way are dissatisfied with either you of a staff member.
  • There are online many sites where anyone can leave a”review” or a written opinion of what they are thinking or feeling
  • Once on the internet it is almost impossible to have it removed and if this is seen by your potential clients or customers,they may go elsewhere and not wish to do business with you.
  • Negative reviews can seriously damage your profits and income and issuing a personal rebuttal will not work as it will only invite others into the comments. What was once a small problem could suddenly escalate.

First impressions count and when consumers are looking for your company on the internet and find these negative reviews and comments  they may no longer wish to deal with you.To go by statistics 70% of people who look for a business online will assess the reviews and comments available before making a decision. This means it is imperative that there are positive comments all over the net

Reputation marketing will make certain that the first impression is a good one

Who could leave these comments?

  1. As mentioned above a dissatisfied client who was less than happy with the service supplied by either you or even an employee.
  2. A former employee who may have left your employ in less than happy circumstances
  3. An unethical competitor who is seeking to gain a business advantage over you.
  4. A neighbour or other acquaintance with whom you have had an altercation.

No matter how good or careful you are it is impossible to go through life and especially business life without disagreeing with someone

So what can be done ?

  • The first thing to remember is to be pro-active. Monitor wherever your name appears on the net so that you are aware if anything negative appears.The quicker you act on negative news the easier it is to minimise its affect.
  • As I have already indicated it is almost impossible to have the adverse comment removed so the only solution is to bury it  and make it invisible in a flood of positive comments.
  • If potential clients only see the positive comments your reputation is restored

Reputation Marketing Strategies built into Integrated Marketing Systems can also be great for someone just starting a business who has not yet had the opportunity to build a reputation either good or bad.

Be proactive and start to build your reputation from the beginning. Let people know in advance how good you are.

Get good reviews from the start.

Many existing businesses have never had a reputation building system in place because in the past they never existed. Business managers just gave good service and let their reputations build themselves.

Now Reputation Marketing Strategies can help you to grow your business faster by focusing on positive comments and reviews in as many places on the internet as possible

A Reputation Marketing Strategy is now built into Integrated Marketing Systems situated at Ormeau on the Gold Coast of Queensland but we can service clients from all over Australia.

If you wish to use this strategy to monitor, repair or build your personal or business reputation

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